Friday, 13 November 2015

13 Nov 2015 (Day 6)

Group Photo with their NTU tour guides outside the National Taiwan University
Visiting the museum in NTU
Today we went to the National Taiwan University, the home for the mentally-disabled and CKS Memorial Hall. I learnt about the history of Taiwan as we were touring around the school. The tour guide also shared with us more about the university. We also got to know the fact that the largest library in Taipei is actually right in NTU. It actually contained 7 million+ books. Secondly, we went to the home for the mentally- disabled. When we stepped into the room we were shy at first. After a while, we started chatting and singing with them. They were very cheerful and friendly with us too. From this, I learnt that I should appreciate what I already have in my life and not take things for granted.
Calyn 2D

Split into 2 groups to tour around the school

Today, we went to many different places;  the National Taiwan University and CKS Memorial Hall. We did a CIP programme in which we spent some time with the disabled people. From the CIP programme, I learnt that we are very fortunate and that we shouldn't take things for granted as others could be less fortunate and cannot do certain things. We should appreciate the actions that we are able to do many little things in life. By going to the CKS Memorial Hall, I learnt more about Taiwan's history and how different people have affected how Taiwan is formed today. Overall, I have learnt a lot of new and interesting information about Taiwan.
Jing Yee 3D
Megan 3D

Outside CKS Memorial Hall
Visit to the school for CIP
Last day: Reflection ( Writing a letter to my "future self" and prize award ceremony

On our sixth day, we went to the National Taiwan University and CKS Memorial Hall. By visiting these places, I learnt about the history of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation period and also understood how architect designed the building in order to protect them. We also visited the home for the disabled people and taught them a song. We sang and danced with them as well. I learnt that I should appreciate what I already have. Giving is definitely better than taking. We must learn to give back to our society as there are people who are more in need than others.

Zixin 2C

Thursday, 12 November 2015

12 Nov 2015 (Day 5)

Group photo at Yangmingshan National Park
Today we went to 杨明山.  The weather up there is very different from the city area and it is really very cold and foggy. We shared umbrellas and sheltered each other as we move from 1 place to another. This is the first time we have ever experience such cold weather. Over there, we watched a video about Taiwan and learnt a lot about protecting our environment. We understand more about the need to protect the trees and animals so that they will not be endangered. After that we went to the Chinese Cultural University. We got to sit in for 1 lesson with their university students and after which we were given a chance to learn from their undergraduates.. As the Guzheng is slightly different from ours, they were really patient and friendly with us as they taught us how to play. It was rather easy learning from them as their teaching method is similar to our Guzheng instructor. After that, we attended another lecture by their professor. The professor was very detailed and strict with his students but they were very receptive to his comments and did not show any attitude to him. From this, we also learnt that we should be humble and respectful to our teachers in school. It was a fruitful day and we managed to learn a lot from the lessons that we attended these few days. I have grown a lot and have learnt to be more independent.
Kaylin 1A
Jing Ying 2N2

Chinese Cultural University

Lunch time in their University Cafe

Gift Exchange
Today is the fifth day of our Taiwan trip. We went up to the Yangmingshan National Park. We took the tour bus up the mountain as the park was located on the mountain. It was much colder on the mountain then the city area. It was very foggy and windy. We were introduced to the different species of living things that lives on the mountain and the volcanic activities that takes place at the mountain. We then left the national park, and headed to the Chinese Culture University located on the same mountain. We sat in for a Guzheng lesson and also observed a Chinese Orchestra lesson.  We could see that the students were very attentive during the lessons and they really tried very hard to play to the professor’s expectations. He took note of their mistakes and corrected them on the spot. The students do not feel awkward or embarrass when they were critic by their professor. I felt it is important for us to have passion and discipline in order to succeed in whatever we do. We must also learn from our mistakes and try to improve ourselves.

Teng Chyi 3E
Zoey 3E

So grateful to be taught by seniors from the University

Today we went to Yangmingshan and learnt a lot about the place. We watched an educational video about the natural habitats and conservation places in Taiwan. In the afternoon, we went to a university to learn more about the Guzheng from them. I also managed to learn how to play a new song within a short period of time, We also watched the Chinese orchestra team practicing from the university too. I learnt that we need passion, interest and discipline in order to succeed in playing the Guzheng. We ended the day by going to the night market to buy souvenirs and small gifts for our family and friends.
Sherlyn 2A

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

11 Nov 2015 (Day 4)

Our Taiwanese friends welcoming us
It is a very meaningful day for me because we learnt about many different things today. We visited 怀生 secondary school for an exchange programme. i was assigned to 2 buddies and they were really friendly to me. They brought me around the school and told me some information about the school. We even get to attend their lessons and experience their learning environment. Although we were really sad to leave, we managed to exchange our contact numbers so that we could contact each other in future. In the afternoon, we went to the Chi recycling centre to learn about recycling in Taiwan. Over there, i realised how much carbon dioxide I have contributed to the earth, even by simple things such as the food we eat. I also learnt that plastic bottles could be processed into clothes and  also how I can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that damages the earth.
Lastly, we went to the Palace Museum. Over there we learnt about the history of China and stories behind the different antiques for the different dynasties. Although it was very crowded there, it was a very meaningful and interesting experience for me because i learnt about the history of China in a more in-depth basis which allows me to appreciate history even more. In conclusion, it has been an enriching experience for me and I would love to got for more exchange programmes in future.
Clara 3A

Harmonica Performance and Presentation by their students
First, we went to Taipei Municipal Huai Sheng Junior High School. We felt very welcomed because they prepared a lot for us. We are all assigned to one or two partners. The school got some students to put up a harmonica performance and 2 presentations on Taipei and the school. We also attended 2 periods of lesson. We learnt a lot from them. When they didn't hand up their homework, they will stand up to admit automatically. When the teachers ask them questions, they will be very proactive to answer the questions. All of us made new friends there. After that, we went to Chi recycling centre. We learnt how they turn "rubbish" into new products. Then, we went to the palace museum. We got to learn the history of Taiwan. We also went to a shop to purchase the Taiwanese delights. After that, we headed off to one shop to have our dinner.
Joyce 1c

With our fellow Taiwanese friends! They are so friendly!
Gift Exchange with their HOD 

We gained a lot of experience today. Not only did we make new friends but it also taught me lots of real life applications. In the morning , we went to 怀生国民中学 for an exchange program . We were very excited as we were invited to attend the lessons with our partners from the school. This helps us to gain exposure to more things and we could interact better with them after the lessons as we understand how their lessons are carried out. After the lesson, we  were invited to have lunch with the Taiwanese students. The students prepared their own lunch boxes from home and were all packed in reusable lunch boxes which are very durable and environmental friendly. This place has created many wonderful memories and I hope I will be able to come back once again!
Rachel 3E

Our students attending their lesson

Group photo with their students and teachers!
At Chi Recycling Centre

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10 Nov 2015 (Day 3)

At National Taiwan University of Arts
Watching the seniors learn Guzheng
I learnt that we should be appreciative for what we have. We should not always complain about what we do not have. We should appreciate what we already have. I also learnt how to respect their culture and communicate with them. Even though this is the first time we met them, they were very friendly and they show us great hospitality which made us felt like home. The seniors took care of us like we are their younger sister. We should also learn to adapt to the environment given to us. We are actually quite fortunate to have big and air-conditioned room. The seniors there are really great Guzheng players and they can actually perform really well at any environment. Teamwork is really important when we are performing. I also understand more about other Guzheng members after we were split into groups with different level so we can actually mix together with each other and know more about each other.
Siang Ting, 3D

Attending a music lecture in the University
We observed that the classroom for practising Guzheng in the National Taiwan University of Arts is small and rather messy as it is filled up with many different types of percussion instruments. We sat beside a senior for an hour and felt quite bored at first. However, our teacher told us that after we watched and learnt from them we will be able to play better later. Although their classroom was small, it did not deter them from playing well in the small space. We were all very impressed by the wonderful music they played. We felt that we were very fortunate as our classroom is much bigger and comfortable as compared to what they have here. Hence, we should be thankful for what we have and what our school have given us! After the session, we attended a music lesson by their local university professor.  It was a little difficult to understand as the whole lesson were conducted in Chinese and there were many musical terms that were mentioned in Chinese.  Finally, we got a chance to attend a Guzheng lesson conducted by their very own Guzheng instructor from the University. It was a very fruitful and interesting lesson. We managed to learn a song within an hour and even performed a song for them. This is definitely a memorable and happy trip to the university.
Janelle 1N3
Li Ri 1C

Learning Guzheng skills from their very own lecturer!
After the visit today, I felt very fortunate that we have a very comfortable environment to practise Guzheng in our school. During their Guzheng lessons, they began by doing simple Guzheng movements,which we do not usually do before they start practising their songs. They were also very synchronised when playing the songs together. I have learnt a lot by listening to their lessons even though it is a little bit different from ours as they learn c notes while we do not. The art school curriculum time is very unique, as all the lessons are based on music/art. They could be learning a new language during the other lessons. We also learnt a lot about their culture through this exchange programme.
Qiuya 2C


Monday, 9 November 2015

9 Nov 2014 (Day 2)

The first stop today was a very famous landmark in Taipei, the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. We watched the change of guards’ ceremony.  I was very impressed by the guards who stood very still in their own position without moving. After the Memorial Hall, we went to the Taipei 101. We took the elevator from fifth floor to the eighty-nine floor. In the lift, we were all amazed by how fast the lift moved. It felt so fun looking from the top of Taipei 101 and all the cars were like ants.

In the afternoon, we went to an old folks’ home. Over there, we performed a song followed by a Christmas card well-wishes making session with the old folks. We communicated well with the old folks although we were rather shy at first. I felt that I am more confident talking to strangers after today and we should always try to help those people who are in need. 
Eunice Law Pei  Xuan, 1D

Lunch Time
We visited the Old folks’ home and helped the elderly pen down their wishes for Christmas on a card that was handmade by the volunteers in the old folks’ home today. It was truly a meaningful experience as we get to spend time with the elderly. I also got to understand them better through communication even though there was a slight language barrier. “ When you drink water, remember the source.” I learnt that we should all be appreciative, grateful towards our parents who have brought us by taking care and showing concern towards them. I also learnt that discipline and respecting one another will allow us to build a strong and bonded team at the end of this trip. All in all, I felt that today had been an eye opener for me. I do hope that there will be more similar experiences for me in future.
Jamie Tee ,3D
Tan Hong Wei, 3N1

The director of old folks' home talking to our students
Today we visited a few places in Taipei. One of it is the Taipei 101, one of the tallest building in the world. We went up to the 86th storey and were given a few minutes of free time to wander around the place. My friends and I were very happy and we took many photos together. Through this, we were more bonded together. After that, we went up to the 88th storey and learnt about the damper. The damper is built in the skyscraper to enhance safety and comfort by vibration isolation and energy dissipating.
After visiting the skyscraper, we headed for the old folks’ home. We paired up with our partners and take care of the elderlies while engaging them in the card making session.  We were very touched as we watched them putting in a lot of effort in the making the cards and we could also feel that those wishes on the cards mean a lot to them.
Finally, we ended the day by celebrating our fellow teammates’ birthday.
One of our team mates almost misplaced her handphone but was picked up by our teachers. This taught us an important lesson today.  We learnt to be more careful and aware of our surroundings and that we should take care of one another and be observant whenever as we move from one place to another. 
Tan Li Xuan, 1B
Jeanelle, 1B

The volunteers showing us how to make the Christmas cards and how to use the wheelchairs.

Our performance for the old folks
Birthday Celebration at the end of the day for the November babies!

8 Nov 2015 (Day 1)

We are going Taiwan!!! 

We gathered at Changi Airport at 6 am and we were very excited as this was the first time we are actually going to another country without our parents. The plane ride was a rather smooth experience and we managed to take many beautiful pictures from the view of our window. After dinner, we went to the night market and it was very crowded. However, unlike other places, we observed that the shoppers do not push you away instead they will ask politely if you could excuse them.  We also felt that the people in Taiwan are very friendly and helpful. The stall owners were also very polite in explaining to us the uses of their items and even when we did not buy anything from them, they thanked us politely for coming to their stalls. From this, we learnt that we should be patient with others. This is an important takeaway for me and has become part of our memories. We also learnt the need to be more patient with others and to show propriety to others at all times. Walking around in groups also gave us the opportunity to understand our team members and build up the synergy within us. 

Tan Xin Yee (2D)
Jazreel Tay (2N2)

With our families at Changi Airport! See you all in 7 days time!

At first, I could not bear to leave my family but I knew that this trip was going to be fruitful and it is also an opportunity for me to learnt to be independent. After our flight, we checked into our hotel before going for our dinner. After dinner, we set off to the night market. These experiences were significant to me because they taught me to be more concerned about others and have teamwork with others. It made me feel that I have a responsibility since I am the group leader of my group. Lastly, I felt that self-respect can be applied here because it is important for us to respect other’s culture.
Wong Hui Yuan, 3D

Our dinner before going to the Night Market! 

One positive experience that happened today is that our team followed instructions carefully and worked well together and everything went on smoothly.  At every location, we will get into our groups quickly and do a head count, which helps our teachers ensure everyone’s safety as we moved from places to places. Also, we were able to forge better or new friendships with our team members and create a better experience with one another.  
Foo Shi Hui (2D)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Packing List

1. Passport

2. Winter Clothing
3. Undergarments
4. Socks
5. Covered shoes (compulsory) & Slippers (for hotel only)
6. Sunscreen/ Hat/ Cap or Sunglasses

7. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
8. Shampoo/ Facial wash/ Body wash
9. Face Towel
10. Tissues/ Wet Tissue
11. Deodorant

11. Stationery (Pen & Notebook) (Compulsory)
12. Camera & Spare Battery
13. Mobile Phone & Charger
14. Water Bottle
15. Rain coat/ Umbrella
16. Small carrier bag for daily trip
17. Lip Balm/Moisturizer
18: Travel adaptor
19: Thermometer (Compulsory)