Monday, 9 November 2015

9 Nov 2014 (Day 2)

The first stop today was a very famous landmark in Taipei, the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. We watched the change of guards’ ceremony.  I was very impressed by the guards who stood very still in their own position without moving. After the Memorial Hall, we went to the Taipei 101. We took the elevator from fifth floor to the eighty-nine floor. In the lift, we were all amazed by how fast the lift moved. It felt so fun looking from the top of Taipei 101 and all the cars were like ants.

In the afternoon, we went to an old folks’ home. Over there, we performed a song followed by a Christmas card well-wishes making session with the old folks. We communicated well with the old folks although we were rather shy at first. I felt that I am more confident talking to strangers after today and we should always try to help those people who are in need. 
Eunice Law Pei  Xuan, 1D

Lunch Time
We visited the Old folks’ home and helped the elderly pen down their wishes for Christmas on a card that was handmade by the volunteers in the old folks’ home today. It was truly a meaningful experience as we get to spend time with the elderly. I also got to understand them better through communication even though there was a slight language barrier. “ When you drink water, remember the source.” I learnt that we should all be appreciative, grateful towards our parents who have brought us by taking care and showing concern towards them. I also learnt that discipline and respecting one another will allow us to build a strong and bonded team at the end of this trip. All in all, I felt that today had been an eye opener for me. I do hope that there will be more similar experiences for me in future.
Jamie Tee ,3D
Tan Hong Wei, 3N1

The director of old folks' home talking to our students
Today we visited a few places in Taipei. One of it is the Taipei 101, one of the tallest building in the world. We went up to the 86th storey and were given a few minutes of free time to wander around the place. My friends and I were very happy and we took many photos together. Through this, we were more bonded together. After that, we went up to the 88th storey and learnt about the damper. The damper is built in the skyscraper to enhance safety and comfort by vibration isolation and energy dissipating.
After visiting the skyscraper, we headed for the old folks’ home. We paired up with our partners and take care of the elderlies while engaging them in the card making session.  We were very touched as we watched them putting in a lot of effort in the making the cards and we could also feel that those wishes on the cards mean a lot to them.
Finally, we ended the day by celebrating our fellow teammates’ birthday.
One of our team mates almost misplaced her handphone but was picked up by our teachers. This taught us an important lesson today.  We learnt to be more careful and aware of our surroundings and that we should take care of one another and be observant whenever as we move from one place to another. 
Tan Li Xuan, 1B
Jeanelle, 1B

The volunteers showing us how to make the Christmas cards and how to use the wheelchairs.

Our performance for the old folks
Birthday Celebration at the end of the day for the November babies!

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