Monday, 9 November 2015

8 Nov 2015 (Day 1)

We are going Taiwan!!! 

We gathered at Changi Airport at 6 am and we were very excited as this was the first time we are actually going to another country without our parents. The plane ride was a rather smooth experience and we managed to take many beautiful pictures from the view of our window. After dinner, we went to the night market and it was very crowded. However, unlike other places, we observed that the shoppers do not push you away instead they will ask politely if you could excuse them.  We also felt that the people in Taiwan are very friendly and helpful. The stall owners were also very polite in explaining to us the uses of their items and even when we did not buy anything from them, they thanked us politely for coming to their stalls. From this, we learnt that we should be patient with others. This is an important takeaway for me and has become part of our memories. We also learnt the need to be more patient with others and to show propriety to others at all times. Walking around in groups also gave us the opportunity to understand our team members and build up the synergy within us. 

Tan Xin Yee (2D)
Jazreel Tay (2N2)

With our families at Changi Airport! See you all in 7 days time!

At first, I could not bear to leave my family but I knew that this trip was going to be fruitful and it is also an opportunity for me to learnt to be independent. After our flight, we checked into our hotel before going for our dinner. After dinner, we set off to the night market. These experiences were significant to me because they taught me to be more concerned about others and have teamwork with others. It made me feel that I have a responsibility since I am the group leader of my group. Lastly, I felt that self-respect can be applied here because it is important for us to respect other’s culture.
Wong Hui Yuan, 3D

Our dinner before going to the Night Market! 

One positive experience that happened today is that our team followed instructions carefully and worked well together and everything went on smoothly.  At every location, we will get into our groups quickly and do a head count, which helps our teachers ensure everyone’s safety as we moved from places to places. Also, we were able to forge better or new friendships with our team members and create a better experience with one another.  
Foo Shi Hui (2D)

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