Friday, 13 November 2015

13 Nov 2015 (Day 6)

Group Photo with their NTU tour guides outside the National Taiwan University
Visiting the museum in NTU
Today we went to the National Taiwan University, the home for the mentally-disabled and CKS Memorial Hall. I learnt about the history of Taiwan as we were touring around the school. The tour guide also shared with us more about the university. We also got to know the fact that the largest library in Taipei is actually right in NTU. It actually contained 7 million+ books. Secondly, we went to the home for the mentally- disabled. When we stepped into the room we were shy at first. After a while, we started chatting and singing with them. They were very cheerful and friendly with us too. From this, I learnt that I should appreciate what I already have in my life and not take things for granted.
Calyn 2D

Split into 2 groups to tour around the school

Today, we went to many different places;  the National Taiwan University and CKS Memorial Hall. We did a CIP programme in which we spent some time with the disabled people. From the CIP programme, I learnt that we are very fortunate and that we shouldn't take things for granted as others could be less fortunate and cannot do certain things. We should appreciate the actions that we are able to do many little things in life. By going to the CKS Memorial Hall, I learnt more about Taiwan's history and how different people have affected how Taiwan is formed today. Overall, I have learnt a lot of new and interesting information about Taiwan.
Jing Yee 3D
Megan 3D

Outside CKS Memorial Hall
Visit to the school for CIP
Last day: Reflection ( Writing a letter to my "future self" and prize award ceremony

On our sixth day, we went to the National Taiwan University and CKS Memorial Hall. By visiting these places, I learnt about the history of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation period and also understood how architect designed the building in order to protect them. We also visited the home for the disabled people and taught them a song. We sang and danced with them as well. I learnt that I should appreciate what I already have. Giving is definitely better than taking. We must learn to give back to our society as there are people who are more in need than others.

Zixin 2C

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