Wednesday, 11 November 2015

11 Nov 2015 (Day 4)

Our Taiwanese friends welcoming us
It is a very meaningful day for me because we learnt about many different things today. We visited 怀生 secondary school for an exchange programme. i was assigned to 2 buddies and they were really friendly to me. They brought me around the school and told me some information about the school. We even get to attend their lessons and experience their learning environment. Although we were really sad to leave, we managed to exchange our contact numbers so that we could contact each other in future. In the afternoon, we went to the Chi recycling centre to learn about recycling in Taiwan. Over there, i realised how much carbon dioxide I have contributed to the earth, even by simple things such as the food we eat. I also learnt that plastic bottles could be processed into clothes and  also how I can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that damages the earth.
Lastly, we went to the Palace Museum. Over there we learnt about the history of China and stories behind the different antiques for the different dynasties. Although it was very crowded there, it was a very meaningful and interesting experience for me because i learnt about the history of China in a more in-depth basis which allows me to appreciate history even more. In conclusion, it has been an enriching experience for me and I would love to got for more exchange programmes in future.
Clara 3A

Harmonica Performance and Presentation by their students
First, we went to Taipei Municipal Huai Sheng Junior High School. We felt very welcomed because they prepared a lot for us. We are all assigned to one or two partners. The school got some students to put up a harmonica performance and 2 presentations on Taipei and the school. We also attended 2 periods of lesson. We learnt a lot from them. When they didn't hand up their homework, they will stand up to admit automatically. When the teachers ask them questions, they will be very proactive to answer the questions. All of us made new friends there. After that, we went to Chi recycling centre. We learnt how they turn "rubbish" into new products. Then, we went to the palace museum. We got to learn the history of Taiwan. We also went to a shop to purchase the Taiwanese delights. After that, we headed off to one shop to have our dinner.
Joyce 1c

With our fellow Taiwanese friends! They are so friendly!
Gift Exchange with their HOD 

We gained a lot of experience today. Not only did we make new friends but it also taught me lots of real life applications. In the morning , we went to 怀生国民中学 for an exchange program . We were very excited as we were invited to attend the lessons with our partners from the school. This helps us to gain exposure to more things and we could interact better with them after the lessons as we understand how their lessons are carried out. After the lesson, we  were invited to have lunch with the Taiwanese students. The students prepared their own lunch boxes from home and were all packed in reusable lunch boxes which are very durable and environmental friendly. This place has created many wonderful memories and I hope I will be able to come back once again!
Rachel 3E

Our students attending their lesson

Group photo with their students and teachers!
At Chi Recycling Centre

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