Thursday, 12 November 2015

12 Nov 2015 (Day 5)

Group photo at Yangmingshan National Park
Today we went to 杨明山.  The weather up there is very different from the city area and it is really very cold and foggy. We shared umbrellas and sheltered each other as we move from 1 place to another. This is the first time we have ever experience such cold weather. Over there, we watched a video about Taiwan and learnt a lot about protecting our environment. We understand more about the need to protect the trees and animals so that they will not be endangered. After that we went to the Chinese Cultural University. We got to sit in for 1 lesson with their university students and after which we were given a chance to learn from their undergraduates.. As the Guzheng is slightly different from ours, they were really patient and friendly with us as they taught us how to play. It was rather easy learning from them as their teaching method is similar to our Guzheng instructor. After that, we attended another lecture by their professor. The professor was very detailed and strict with his students but they were very receptive to his comments and did not show any attitude to him. From this, we also learnt that we should be humble and respectful to our teachers in school. It was a fruitful day and we managed to learn a lot from the lessons that we attended these few days. I have grown a lot and have learnt to be more independent.
Kaylin 1A
Jing Ying 2N2

Chinese Cultural University

Lunch time in their University Cafe

Gift Exchange
Today is the fifth day of our Taiwan trip. We went up to the Yangmingshan National Park. We took the tour bus up the mountain as the park was located on the mountain. It was much colder on the mountain then the city area. It was very foggy and windy. We were introduced to the different species of living things that lives on the mountain and the volcanic activities that takes place at the mountain. We then left the national park, and headed to the Chinese Culture University located on the same mountain. We sat in for a Guzheng lesson and also observed a Chinese Orchestra lesson.  We could see that the students were very attentive during the lessons and they really tried very hard to play to the professor’s expectations. He took note of their mistakes and corrected them on the spot. The students do not feel awkward or embarrass when they were critic by their professor. I felt it is important for us to have passion and discipline in order to succeed in whatever we do. We must also learn from our mistakes and try to improve ourselves.

Teng Chyi 3E
Zoey 3E

So grateful to be taught by seniors from the University

Today we went to Yangmingshan and learnt a lot about the place. We watched an educational video about the natural habitats and conservation places in Taiwan. In the afternoon, we went to a university to learn more about the Guzheng from them. I also managed to learn how to play a new song within a short period of time, We also watched the Chinese orchestra team practicing from the university too. I learnt that we need passion, interest and discipline in order to succeed in playing the Guzheng. We ended the day by going to the night market to buy souvenirs and small gifts for our family and friends.
Sherlyn 2A

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